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Who We Are

US Navy

San Diego Bay is said to be home to the largest Naval complex in the free world. It is the mission of the US Navy in San Diego Bay and its environs to equip, maintain, train and support US Navy Pacific Fleet surface and aviation units to conduct military operations in support of the Fleetís operational commanders. Additionally, the US Navy in San Diego Bay will conduct Naval operations in the eastern and northern Pacific Ocean, protecting the western sea approaches to the United States.

San Diego Unified Port District

Created in 1963 by an act of the California legislature, the Unified Port of San Diego is a special-purpose unit of government established to manage the harbor, and administer public lands along San Diego Bay. It is responsible for the protection and enhancement of 2,508 acres of tideland and 2,860 acres of water. It has operated without tax dollars since 1970 and has been responsible for $1.5 billion in public improvements in its five member cities of Chula Vista, Coronado, Imperial Beach, National City and San Diego. The Port oversees two maritime cargo terminals, a cruise ship terminal, 16 public parks, various wildlife reserves and environmental initiatives, a Harbor Police Department and the leases of 600 tenant businesses around San Diego Bay.

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