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Your San Diego Bay

INRMP Concerns and Strategies

An initial effort by the Technical Advisory Committee for the Plan to identify key problems and focus areas articulated more than 30 issues, some of which were suggested by public members. This list was honed during Environmental Committee meetings associated with Senate Bill 68, and over a course of many months to contain nine key focus areas:

  1. Implementation difficulties
  2. Intertidal losses
  3. Problems arising in the watershed are cumulative and amplified as they reach San Diego Bay
  4. Imminent threats to the Bay ecosystem such that doing nothing carries a risk of a net loss of habitat values and special status species
  5. Information sharing is needed in order to implement the best available science
  1. Planning is agency specific, site specific, and piecemeal, while the planning need is cross-jurisdictional
  2. Work is accomplished within regulatory stovepipes
  3. Bioindicators that link natural resources to water and sediment quality are not defined
  4. Lack of adequate mapping of habitat subsets, conditions and values is preventing some progress.

In addition to these topics, numerous subject matter concerns are listed and addressed in the Planís chapters in the appropriate section. Chapters 4 - 6 contain objectives and strategies. Chapter 7 is implementation.

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